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I’m in love with decorating these Goodwill plates. 

Yes, this weekend I’m spending the first beach-getaway holiday of the year holed up in my apartment, intermittently sleeping, watching The Hunger Games and using up all of my own plates to paint them with this awesome ceramic paint from Blick. 

It’s rainy out for the third day in a row, but after 6 years in Minnesota I can’t say I mind terribly.  I’m not really the beach getaway type, you know?

I’m really enjoying painting these plates in part because I usually work with oils and have tons of time to mix paint and work areas on the canvas.  With this synthetic pigment, I’ve really only got one shot unless I want to wind up with a thick, gummy mess.  It’s fun to work quickly and create these simple, Impressionistic bouquets.

They’re all up in my Etsy store today!