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A couple of weekends ago, The Soap Factory held its annual $99 sale.  All proceeds from the sale benefit TSF, which is non-profit gallery that depends on volunteers like me to make its ambitious programming possible. I’d submitted pieces two years ago, one of which sold, so I was excited for the show.

My piece didn’t sell this year, and so the show reminded me, again, how impossible and futile it is to create art specifically for an imagined buyer.  Too often I find myself dismissing ideas that I think won’t look good, and instead looking to another artist or a trend for inspiration.  Don’t get me wrong, I find other artists tremendously inspiring, and I particularly admire painters like Peter Doig and David Hockey who rigorously explore the implications of master artists’ styles through their own playful imitations. 

But you know what I mean—this is different.  It’s more about adopting another person’s ethos, instead of having the courage or the will to push the limits of your skill level to keep pursuing your distinctive style.

I like this print.  It’s simple and joyful, and the cabin belongs to my family.  $99 might have just been asking a little too much.

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